October 25, 2009
▶ James Ray and the Dangers of Self-Help
What would you do for spiritual enlightenment and personal success? Would you agree to spend 36 hours alone in the desert without food or water to help clear your mind and find your true potential? Would you follow a trusted leader into a dark, hot tent to experience a version of a centuries-old Native American sweat lodge ritual? History shows that in the name of self-help, many people will do just that — and more.

November 18, 2008
▶ It Isn’t About the Trash Can
Picture this: You’re staring at the kitchen trash and feel a surge of frustration. You just saw your partner stuff one more thing into the already overflowing bin without making a move to empty it. Ready to pick a fight, you’re about to lash out with an angry indictment of your partner’s overall worth as a human being. Then you stop. You’ve been taking classes in something called mindfulness, so you take a deep breath and step back. You identify and feel your emotions, and then let them pass. You find the real source of your frustration: It’s not the trash; it’s that you don’t feel appreciated around the house. Instead of an opening volley of obscenities, you consider how to resolve the broader issue.

September 15, 2000
Home Cooks Gag on Rules For Fairs In Loudoun
Aunt Edna’s rhubarb pie may be to die for, but Loudoun County health officials are taking no chances.

September 3, 2000
Animal Wardens Want Protection; Training Begun; Guns Discussed
Loudoun County animal control officer Randy Broaddus tapped gratefully on the bulletproof vest under his uniform as he drove to answer an animal cruelty complaint in western Loudoun.

August 6, 2000
Enjoying the Cycle of Life; ‘Old Folks on Spokes’ Sets a Leisurely Pace
Eight women clad in baggy shorts and sensible shoes and with mud-splattered legs rolled in to a rest stop along the C&O Canal Tuesday morning, huffing, puffing and laughing. The women–of varying shapes, sizes and athletic abilities–had two things in common: None would see 50 again, and all would just as soon ride into the sunset at something less than breakneck speed.

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